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RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Romanian engineers are working on the new 48V eBike system developed by German automotive producer Continental. https://t.co/JCdFaPAxwM 23 hours ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The people from 14 countries were selected by Res Publica, the Warsaw-based journal, Google, the state-supported Vi… https://t.co/v436t5Z2Wr 2 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Accenture, one of the biggest providers of outsourcing and management consultancy services, will open a new center… https://t.co/nRjSw0olGb 3 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium @riseconsortium Managing Partner Sebastian Burduja in an exclusive interview for Wall-Street.ro about his decision… https://t.co/D5KoY0UDW1 4 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Although many think of Romania as the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, exploring the country feels more like trai… https://t.co/63BKCwhk6I 5 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The total Dacia registrations in Europe reached over 35,200 units in October, up compared to some 26,200 units in O… https://t.co/vPyXK07DBK 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The Aqua Carpatica brand entered the UK market in February. It is currently present in 700 stores in Ireland and th… https://t.co/G7346dew1x 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Reason #2 to invest in Romanian cities: access to one of the largest markets in the World. As a point of comparison… https://t.co/yldP4fz9a4 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium “It is a challenge to enter the Italian market, especially because it is 15 times bigger than the one in Romania: t… https://t.co/BsMsPHReQ8 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Reason #1 to invest in Romanian cities: according to a World Bank report (https://t.co/ntialD4sHz), Romanian cities… https://t.co/VGamxVrkMH 2 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium In the first nine months of 2017, the GDP increased (against the similar period last year) by 7% as gross series an… https://t.co/PKTaGRkr4r 2 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium American writer Leif Pettersen: "There’s nothing like Maramures in all of Europe (that I know of) and few places ca… https://t.co/zHdxJbQfK6 2 weeks ago

what we know best9 key development sectors

Energy and Extractives

Smart energy projects, both green and conventional.

IT & Cybersecurity

Cutting-edge digital projects for Industry 4.0 and e-gov.


Global network for unmatched opportunities across borders.

Infrastructure and Transport

Strategic support for critical infrastructure.

Financial and Insurance

Partnership for financial and insurance products at highly competitive rates.


Expert policy assessments and key infrastructure support.

Education, Communication and Leadership

Complex leadership development programs.

Real Estate and Construction

Design & build, with expert navigation through legal and policy environment.

Public Administration
and Utilities

Unmatched expertise for public sector reform and SOEs corporate governance.

Local focus,
global presence.

We are the largest global Romanian network of experts.






investment and development projects in Romania


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what we do bestyour one-stop solution in Romania

Business Strategic

Growth opportunities, right-sizing expertise, turnaround management.

Performance and Impact Evaluation, Research, and Intelligence

Comprehensive internal and external business intelligence.

Financial Advisory & Investments

Trust-based partnership for access to finance, strategic investment advice.

EU Funds and State-Aid Procedures

Expert application design and project management.

Project Design and Implementation

First-class technical know-how, competitive rates, on-time delivery.

Partnership Facilitation

Maximum impact, smart connections, key players.

Legal Advisory (including real estate and property law)

Safe navigation through complex legal and bureaucratic environments.

Due Diligence, Compliance, Sustainability and Risk Management

Complex legal and technical expertise, global best practices, secure environment.

Leadership Development, Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Smart public affairs, complete brand management, nimble training programs.

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