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RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium While many see Romania as a country of migrants flocking abroad to find work, back home the economy is booming. https://t.co/W7uBdEnwVm 2 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The growth was supported by the positive evolution of the mining and quarrying and manufacturing industries. https://t.co/PN1hPNMlfh 5 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Teraplast group, the biggest PVC processor in Romania, opened a sandwich panel factory in Serbia, on October 11. https://t.co/fCoQsppDGi 6 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Bosch has opened a centre at its plant in Jucu dedicated for training students in the dual educational system. https://t.co/1PHHiPpvLY 7 days ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The growth rate is 0.2 percentage points higher than the one previously announced in September. https://t.co/tv6B8CSKSr 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Vast Resources PLC saw its shares gain over 10% today due to recent successes in Romania. https://t.co/dxKFy6xRyK 1 week ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The European Commission has approved EUR 251.8 million investments in the metro line 5 in #Bucharest. https://t.co/LwtK4gqhMc 2 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium The auto industry employs over 150,000 people and in 2016 contributed by 47 percent to exports. https://t.co/GzIiO6Lql0 2 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium It`s the first time a Romanian region is included in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the world. https://t.co/dLWkulBUPE 3 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Qatari group PHI plans to start an investment in #Romania, as the largest investment fund in Qatar could later join. https://t.co/ylTAF7wlNw 3 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Ford wants to sell over 100,000 units per year from its new Ford EcoSport model. https://t.co/VUkWFtm4UR 3 weeks ago
RISE Consortium RISE Consortium @riseconsortium Adrian Bejan, a #Romanian mechanics engineer professor at Duke university, has won the Ralph Coats Roe Medal 2017. https://t.co/uoOHzmAOjK 3 weeks ago

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Energy and Extractives

Smart energy projects, both green and conventional.

IT & Cybersecurity

Cutting-edge digital projects for Industry 4.0 and e-gov.


Global network for unmatched opportunities across borders.

Infrastructure and Transport

Strategic support for critical infrastructure.

Financial and Insurance

Partnership for financial and insurance products at highly competitive rates.


Expert policy assessments and key infrastructure support.

Education, Communication and Leadership

Complex leadership development programs.

Real Estate and Construction

Design & build, with expert navigation through legal and policy environment.

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and Utilities

Unmatched expertise for public sector reform and SOEs corporate governance.

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Business Strategic

Growth opportunities, right-sizing expertise, turnaround management.

Performance and Impact Evaluation, Research, and Intelligence

Comprehensive internal and external business intelligence.

Financial Advisory & Investments

Trust-based partnership for access to finance, strategic investment advice.

EU Funds and State-Aid Procedures

Expert application design and project management.

Project Design and Implementation

First-class technical know-how, competitive rates, on-time delivery.

Partnership Facilitation

Maximum impact, smart connections, key players.

Legal Advisory (including real estate and property law)

Safe navigation through complex legal and bureaucratic environments.

Due Diligence, Compliance, Sustainability and Risk Management

Complex legal and technical expertise, global best practices, secure environment.

Leadership Development, Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Smart public affairs, complete brand management, nimble training programs.

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