International Advisor

We are looking for International Advisors (IA) to join the RISE Consortium® team. The RISErs we seek are smart, driven, fun, and passionate about Romania’s development in a global world. IAs are responsible for the full range of business development activities, focusing on developing investment and trade relations between local stakeholders and Romanian companies.

Department: Business Development
Project Location(s): Global
Education: Master's Degree / PhD

Why Do It

As an International Advisor (IA) with RISE Consortium®, you will have the opportunity to turn Romania into a strategic investment hub and global growth engine. You will be an integral part of an amazing team of professionals, with wide-ranging experiences and a proven track record of results.

This will be an opportunity for you to create value by serving as a bridge between Romania and the international market(s) you know best. While expanding your professional network, you will both bring strategic investors to Romania and help Romanian companies expand and find partners internationally. All this will be based on a common mission and on the commitment to succeed together for the long term. Indeed, we do not believe in hierarchies. We believe in partnerships.

Learn more about RISE Consortium®: our mission, our approach, our expertise, and our portfolio.

What You Will Do

As a RISE Consortium® International Advisor (IA), you will serve as the key investment liaison between your market and Romania, building bridges, changing mindsets, and making smart deals. IAs perform the full-range of tasks required to generate value for our potential and loyal Clients: market and industry assessments, strategic advisory, and business development.

You will prospect markets and industries in your area, engage with potential Clients, attend and organize networking events, and connect with key stakeholders (foreign investors, diplomats and public officials, trade representatives and the executive leadership of chambers of commerce, etc.). While adhering to the RISE objectives and values, you will decide whom to target, approach, and persuade. And how.

Work is project-based, and fees are negotiated for each project in advance, depending on the complexity and scale of the engagement. Depending on Client needs, you will have the opportunity to play a key role not just in making the deal, but also in carrying it forward through the implementation phase. We believe in providing the best know-how to our Clients, and we build the best teams to deliver on our promise.

The RISE Fit

We only work with the best and the brightest in the business, and ask them what we ask of ourselves at all times – to embrace and demonstrate commitment to the four core RISE Consortium® values:

  • Responsibility to excel in our work;
  • Integrity in our drive;
  • Service through our vision;
  • Efficiency in making it all happen.

For RISE to fit you, you should:

  • Believe in Romania’s potential as a global growth engine;
  • Have an authentic passion for economic development and the business world;
  • Have and show commitment to the RISE values (Responsibility, Integrity, Service, and Efficiency);
  • Enjoy working in global teams;
  • Have an excellent track record of academic and/or professional/volunteer/leadership activities;
  • Have 3-5 years of experience in your field of work;
  • Be able to communicate in both English and Romanian at a top level (both spoken and written);
  • Be proficient in the language(s) of the country where you currently reside;
  • Have an advanced degree in economics/business/social studies/engineering/IT/agriculture (we will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis).
How can we help you?

Our pledge to you is simple: we’ll make it happen. Contact us to begin.

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Please note that we will give special preference to applications from places where RISE Consortium® is not yet present, though we are always looking to expand our team everywhere. You can check out our current global network here.

If you resonate with our people, mission, and work, we are willing to consider a variety of backgrounds. We value diversity and encourage you to apply.

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