RISE with Investigative Due Diligence in Romania

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” said the famous 19 century American businessman and allegedly con artist P.T. Barnum. For hundreds of years, market economies have tried to self-regulate by increasing transparency and building strong functional government institutions. Every economy transitioning to a market economy went through a process of strengthening its institutions and creating predictability.

But this is a lengthy process and savvy investors with a strong sense for extraordinary business opportunities are not willing to wait. Romania, perhaps more than any other European country transitioning from a state-run economy to a market economy, offers booming and immediate business opportunities. Like any other environment, however, it also offers a colorful cohort of swindlers, con artists, and decoy ducks, with a wide range of deceptive and fraudulent strategies.

Working with a third-party independent intelligence company is imperative to build trust and mitigate risk through investigative due diligence. Romania has a generous pool of public records that an experienced eye can navigate diligently to identify any reputational concerns or adverse information.

A vital part of RISE Consortium’s mission is to build trust between business partners and help clients make informed decisions. RISE services include investigating, analyzing, and delivering products tailored to each client’s specific needs. RISE products offer reputational assessment using information available in corporate registration records, regulatory records, litigation and insolvency databases, identification of professional affiliations and politically exposed people, and confirmation of previous tenures and professional licenses.